House Rules

Attribute Generation

I will allow three methods for generating stats. You may roll attributes using each of the methods detailed below, and then select which method you will use for your character.

Method 1 – Die Rolling

For each attribute roll 4d6 re_rolling any 1’s. Drop the lowest. Place the values in any attribute.

Method 2 – Place 18

Select one attribute, make it an 18. For all other attributes, choose which attribute you Are rolling for and roll 4d6 (no re-rolls allowed) and sum the highest 3 die values.

Method 3 – Purchase Points

Place am 8 in Strength and a 10 in the other ability scores. You then have 22 points to distribute among your ability scores. The following chart shows exactly how the points should be allocated.

Current Score Cost to Raise
8 – 12 1 Point
13 – 15 2 points
16 3 points
17+ 4 points

Race/Class Combination

I will allow you to combine any race from PHB1, PHB2, and PHB3 and combine it with any class from those same books. Please note, although I will allow any of those combinations, certain pairings might make your life difficult. For example, a dwarven warlock would at the very least be shunned and at times outright attacked by other dwarves.

If you have questions about your combination, please email me.
If you would like to try something from another sourcebook, also email me and we can discuss.

Alignment Restrictions

No evil, it is your choice. The town we are starting in is fairly large, but the deities that have primary control are the good deities. (As I thought about it, this is the first time I am running a game in a while, so no evil).


The standard deities that we are used to from AD&D will be used. The deities from the new player handbooks will not be used. For example, the Sovereign Host is not a god. The pantheons that we are used to will be used.


So one of the things 4e gives you is the ability to auto advance between levels. I am tempted to allow this after a full rest, but no new feats, skills, or powers can be gotten until you train. This would give the players the ability to increase their HP, healing surges, etc… but they still need training for new features. Anyway, give me your thoughts if you would like me to lift this restriction.

Age Restrictions

No Characters were alive during the Race Slayer War. Although some of your parents might have been. Max Age limit is 50 for starting characters.

House Rules

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