Cranfords Landing

Cranford’s Landing was founded on the ruins of an ancient civilization shortly before the Race Slayer War. Cranford’s Landing has turned into a growing sea port due to the natural bay created by the surrounding landscape. Over the years, people have flocked here, looking for work and trading opportunities. One of the few areas to remain neutral during the war, Cranford’s Landing became a meeting place for the various races to try and prevent these wars from breaking out again.

The city itself has broken down into several districts.

Harbor District

The Harbor District located at the southermost part of Cranford’s Landing. There are always several ships at port. The Harbor District opens up onto the Trade District.

Ambasadorial District

Located at on the Western side of the Park District, each race has an ambassador permanently stationed in Cranford’s Landing

Temple District

The Temple District is located on the Eastern Side of the Park District. Nearly all of the major good and neutral gods have a temple located within the district.

Royal District

The Royal District is located on the Nothern Side of the Park District. This district houses the royality in the private sector of the Royal District. The public sector are extenstions of the park district by which the citizens and vistors can explore until sundown.

Park District

The Park District is located at the heart of Crandford’s Landing. It is a preserve that has been set aside for the residents and vistors to enjoy.

Trade District

The Trade District is located just North of the Harbor District and South of the Park District. All manner of shops can be found within the Trade District, but caveat emptor.


The Slums are not an official district. It is located in Northernmost section of the Harbor District and Southermost Section of the Trade District.

Cranfords Landing

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