Rising Tide

And so it begins....

(the following is shortened as much time and beer has passed since this fateful adventure)

It all began as all caravan jobs begin. Long boring nights followed by long days of walking. Mika had been given the simple task of meeting with Nikon in Crandford’s Landing. The task simple was anything but. Along the way she meet up with new members of the party and start out on this new adventuring life.

Upon meeting Nikon, she was given the simple task of retrieving an chest from an abandoned dwarves mine. A few dwarves had recently returned, but apparently the had been scared off in the most undwarvennof manners. They ran screaming like children but that is a different tale. And so our intrepid adventures set off, each with visions of gold and hopefully a full stomach when they got back to the Troll’s Beard.

Upon reaching the dwarves mine, they found that kobolds had taken up residence and were setting up shop. As all firt time adventurers are wont to do, they charged, yelling an screaming the whole way, they took care of business and finished the yipping little kobolds off, except for that smLl irritating one that tucked tale and jumped down the hole at the firt sign of trouble.

Never one to fear for their lives, but pissed off since their wallets were thinner after the little scuffle, they decided to follow suit. After the almost unananomous decision to send the small guy in first, the party followed the little kobold down the hole.

The trap sprung, more kobolds jumped into the fray trying to separate the party, but it was to no avail, the kobolds were wiped out. After the fight, and looking around, they realized their wallets were still a mite light and everyone was beginning to get hungry. Taking a short break, they proceeded to the next room.

The young dragon jumped quickly into the fray. Leaving behind the safety of the bear skin run (I know silly, but it is magical), the dragon quickly tore into the yummiest of morsels, dwarven taco in a plate shell, hmmmm very tasty. This fight nearly destroyed the party, but the quickly regrouped, turtles up and finishes off the dragon.

After a long search, they found the magic chest that Nikon was looking for, as well as some treasure of their own choosing. Packing up, the head back up to the surface and back towards Cranford’s Landing…

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